Adam Wies

Holding an MA in English with an emphasis on literature analysis from Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU), Adam Wies has taught at schools, colleges, and universities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He began his career teaching composition and honors literature classes at Palo Alto Preparatory School. Subsequently, while teaching English and history to six, seven, and eighth grade students at St. Elizabeth Seton School, Adam Wies developed lesson plans in adherence with the Common Core State Standards, fostered a positive learning environment, and coached first-year teachers. For several years, he lectured at NNDU, Skyline College, and the University of California, Berkeley, on the use of various figurative devices in the works of such authors as Dickens, Shakespeare, and Henry Howard.

Following a summer during which he taught writing skills and reading comprehension at Sequoia High School, Adam Wies served as an eighth-grade English and history teacher at Roosevelt School. There, he addressed the needs of students of variable skill levels and learning styles by employing differentiated instructional methods. Along with delivering after-school reading lessons for students performing below grade level, Mr. Wies oversaw the enrichment program SPARK and athletic activities like volleyball and basketball.

Over the course of his career, Adam Wies has taken part in several professional education programs, ranging from a weeklong ethics seminar to San Jose Area Writing Project Super Saturday Workshops. He previously volunteered to provide students in the Football-De Anza Community College District with writing assistance and proofreading services.

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